Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ms. Smith clarifies some things for me

Why is my brain like Chicken broth sometimes? Who know why a story is cloudy and what the best way to clarify is... Anyway why would any of these be in jeopardy if the tax thingy whatever it is was not passed? Why would the greenway need to be connected to USC? It looks like a good idea. This story raises a lot more questions for me..

8 projects:
*Cleaning up Rocky Branch stream from the Congaree River to Olympia Park - $1.5 million
* Landscaping and making Olympia Avenue and Whaley Street more pedestrian friendly - $1.2 million
* Safety features at railroad crossings, allowing Olympia to become a "railroad quiet zone" where trains would not blow their horns - $1.1 million
* A new park, Mill Town Commons, near Granby and Olympia mills - $950,000
* Greenway extension to connect Olympia Park to Assembly Street, intersecting USC's campus - $900,000
* Providing about 60 homes with sewer service - $500,000
*Low-interest loans so businesses and other commercial properties could be renovated, instead of torn down - $500,000
* A similar loan program so homeowners could renovate old, historic homes - $350,000


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At 2:46 PM, Blogger Bernie said...

Mr. Greenway blogger - you are getting comment spam. Adjust your comment settings. Jerome Jackson isn't a real person, I tell you!!!!


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