Monday, October 03, 2005

Coffee Shops are cool

The State | 10/02/2005 | West Bank — Columbia’s place to be

The State is so funny when they try to be cool. Those writers come across as polyester real estate agents with silver eyes. Now that was a really strange sentence - after I read this article I was wanting some of that chicken you know? It could be that I was jealous, in that I was looking for a house over there a couple of years ago but why? Why would anyone want to live in the Peoples Republic of Lexington? I do all of my shopping on that side of the river My Favorite house painter lives in that area. But I know that it actually smells there - not as bad as New Orleans or even Boston but there is a whiff of the foul that you get, like an old friend that is just there. I do not have that at my Mill house in Columbia - I have all the bugs and strange men you could want but no strange odors

There is a video that goes with this story



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