Tuesday, September 27, 2005

More on Granby

Rash of posts.

I was on the Greenway down at Granby park. I took the children down to the river to play on some of the big rocks by the train bridges – I took some nice pictures. The kids love the rocks – and it gets them exercised. I like it as well I had a peaceful moment – one of those contentment places. It does seem to be changing for the better.

The men are still there, wandering like ozonated oxygen molecules in the upper atmosphere there is a certain vacuous hunger in the eyes of the cruiser that is so uncomfortable. It is so sad to see them some are nice with pressed shorts and cuffed shirtsleeves others look like they need a banjo and a porch but thankfully they have been mostly driven to the far end of the park now by the influx of new walkers.

The lack of beer guzzling teen angst is noticeable on the rocks by the tracks, now that the area by the zoo has ascended as “the” place to get drunk and fall on rocks.

Of course it may be the weather…


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