Wednesday, September 28, 2005

more about the Guignard's than you wanted to know

KRT Wire | 09/26/2005 | The Guignard legacy

"Recently, however, as a result of behind-the-scenes negotiations, the Guignards say they will fulfill a long-standing commitment to convey some of their tract to the city for the bike-walkway. They also have agreed to work with the university to develop plans on how to use the rest of the tract. The Guignards and the university even are going to use the same planner, the world-famous Sasaki firm of Massachusetts, known for -- among other specialties -- developing urban waterfront sites.

As yet, no specific agreements for the use of the 93-acre tract have emerged. But if and when they do, the Guignards -- as property owners -- will have the final say-so."


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