Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The State | 09/28/2005 | BLURRING THE LINES

The State | 09/28/2005 | BLURRING THE LINES

Sasaki Green: Projects

Sasaki Green: Projects

more about the Guignard's than you wanted to know

KRT Wire | 09/26/2005 | The Guignard legacy

"Recently, however, as a result of behind-the-scenes negotiations, the Guignards say they will fulfill a long-standing commitment to convey some of their tract to the city for the bike-walkway. They also have agreed to work with the university to develop plans on how to use the rest of the tract. The Guignards and the university even are going to use the same planner, the world-famous Sasaki firm of Massachusetts, known for -- among other specialties -- developing urban waterfront sites.

As yet, no specific agreements for the use of the 93-acre tract have emerged. But if and when they do, the Guignards -- as property owners -- will have the final say-so."

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

More on Granby

Rash of posts.

I was on the Greenway down at Granby park. I took the children down to the river to play on some of the big rocks by the train bridges – I took some nice pictures. The kids love the rocks – and it gets them exercised. I like it as well I had a peaceful moment – one of those contentment places. It does seem to be changing for the better.

The men are still there, wandering like ozonated oxygen molecules in the upper atmosphere there is a certain vacuous hunger in the eyes of the cruiser that is so uncomfortable. It is so sad to see them some are nice with pressed shorts and cuffed shirtsleeves others look like they need a banjo and a porch but thankfully they have been mostly driven to the far end of the park now by the influx of new walkers.

The lack of beer guzzling teen angst is noticeable on the rocks by the tracks, now that the area by the zoo has ascended as “the” place to get drunk and fall on rocks.

Of course it may be the weather…

Three Rivers is good for running

The State | 09/22/2005 | STAYING ON THE RUN

After an extreme makover a good run will help shake things out. The Call Boxes will keep you safe.

Strange news

ABC News: The Note: "What Might Come Next": "Mrs. Laura Bush heads to Biloxi, MS today where she will participate in a noon ET taping of 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.' Later in the day, she plans to visit a Salvation Army recovery center."

I wish she would come to my house for this taping. I need an extreme makover at the Mill House. There are weeds there are strange insects and there are trains. All of which coelece near my home.

I never really understood this

The State | 09/27/2005 | City likely to shut down trolley service

The trollys seemed like an idea conceived while stupid. I know this is not very polite but really what good is this trolly? I see them all the time and I have no idea why they existed because they were always empty, devoid of passengers or riders as they are called. I ride pass them on my bicycle and it is like a ghost ship without the mysterious fog but rather a choking exhaust.

I hope they get a clue.

Mike for Mayor of Columbia

The State | 09/25/2005 | Strong mayor would draw interest of qualified, capable candidates

Mike Dawson for mayor. That would be a good thing. Mike knows what he is doing and has buckets of credibility and whatever that is that means that you will do what you say you will - what is that word integrity- I do like Rickenmann if only because he seems to want to do more with less.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Free Lunch with the Gov

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford

This would be great if I could ride down to Aiken by 9am. this is a good day to miss church because there is a liturgy at the Saints Mary and Martha, Orthodox Monastery in Wagner on the Saturday before. I think it sounds like a great idea because of this story - Health - Inactivity Leads to Fat Buildup Deep Inside Belly I thought it was nice because if you can ride over 20 miles a week you can pretty much eat anything you want. I have actually noticed this myself I try to do a 5 mile ride three times a week with daily rides to work of a mile and a half – I also take my children out for rides as well. – it does not mean that I eat a box of little debbies and drink a two liter of Mountain dew afterwards – but I eat some nice cheesy stuff with some fried potato things from McDonnalds

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

More Police lately at Granby park

There have been more police down here lately. Must have been something said to someone. The cruising scene got to be really bad with reports of actual sex acts on the concrete - I had stopped going down there but the last couple of times down there have been really nice. This is the best time of year.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

This seems like a dream...

The State | 09/05/2005 | Isolated river tract could be developed