Monday, August 22, 2005

Talked to Cantey Heath of the University of South Carolina

He seemed nice - obviously one of the many directors of something who make lots of money (111,469 a year) he said that there would be no giving out of money or food at the Kroc center - which in my doom and gloom obsessed mind I heard "crack center". He also said there may be some kind of medical something but no methadone clinic (Arthroscopic surgery? who knows). Lots of music classes art swimming and stuff. Check out the list a couple of posts back.

And it sounds so nice like it would be a good thing to have near the river I can almost imagine how nice it would be - maybe they would spray for mosquitoes.

Also it is not a done deal. He said also that the University was on its way down here-there would be no stopping the large Institution so that means Even more Directors of something or other who make lots of money.


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