Saturday, August 20, 2005

Questions for USC an

Questions for USC and the Salvation Army

What assurances can they give that a homeless shelter would not be built by the river. What assurances would there be that no money or food would be given out down by the river encouraging even more homeless campsites?

What I am afraid of is Crack Camps - I imagine groups of insane people crawling out from the river like dawn of the dead looking for twenty dollars.

I am all for providing help for the helpless - just not so close to what is, really, a jungle that is directly connected to my home by a nice path.   The river is not just water - the flood zone is a wild place - If you have ever been down there it is amazing - a lawless place - cops do not go down there because it is too far from their cars.  The horses can only go so far as well they will not cross the culverts or go up the little trails that lead to the campsites.  


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