Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I was talking with someone last night about the river. She said “I would like it if they could make it a nice place with lots of trails and programs but without the people going through our cars and porches at night and doing lewd things in the bushes.” What is the point of having a park if it is more of a turn off than something exciting and fun. What can we do about this and what should be done? What as a community can we do to make it a better place. I bought my house here knowing they were going to do something. When they did it was a shock, really. What is so interesting is the way that the Granby neighborhood blended or sort of dissolved into the flood plain. The dead end of Gist St. was gradually being covered in runoff sediment it was a great place to find worms for fishing a large brush pile was covered in morning glories it was always cool and shady.

There was a trail that went out to the track that the “homeless” used to get back and forth from their camps by the river to downtown. The streetlight was out so it was dark at night except for the light filtering through the trees from the Rapids apartments. All that changed when they put the trail head in – they fixed the light put in another light thinned out the trees bulldozed out the brushpile and unclogged drainage so the rainwater that runs down the streets of our neighborhood instead of going into the ground now just runs straight into the river. Also they took out at least one large “homeless” campsite disturbing the equilibrium making I would think some people resentful. That is just my thoughts. I always consider the guys down there as neighbors – neighbors who sometimes argue with themselves and get into Tyler Durden style fights on the railroad tracks but still they have a place.

Why is the Peoples republic of Cayce side much nicer and comfortable than the Columbia side? That is because the Columbia side is not finished and it is run by Columbia.


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