Monday, August 22, 2005

Cruise anyone?

Anderson DENVER BOAT LANDING Cruising Area
Charleston WHITE POINT GARDEN Cruising Area
Charleston Area HIGHWAY I-95 SOUTH BOUND Cruising Area
Chessnee HIGHWAY I-85 REST AREA Cruising Area
Clemson TWELVE MILE PARK Cruising Area
Clemson University DANIEL HALL Cruising Area
Columbia GRANBY PARK Cruising Area
Florence HIGHWAY I-95 REST AREA Cruising Area
Folly Beach FOLLY BEACH Cruising Area

This I picked up from a google search: gay "granby park" Granby park is the part of the greenway that is near where I live. The reason I mention this is because I was at a cookout this weekend eating hamburgers(mad cow) and hotdogs(nitrites) and banana pudding (gelatin – mad cow) that was so very good. Anyway I have a friend who works in the city of Columbia parks department – I asked her about what the cities plans for the park were and she rolled her eyes at me – and told me about the complaints of people walking who come up on – no pun intended men engaged in some sort of gay thing. Any way the conversation degenerated and I never did get anything worthwhile besides the fact that no matter what they do they cannot seem to get it off this list…


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