Saturday, August 27, 2005

USC rethinks Vista stadium

The State | 08/27/2005 | USC rethinks Vista stadium This is not that related to the greenway but it may be....

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Extrordinarily old web page

Columbia Riverfront Park This is not from wayback but is a static page serving information about the Three Rivers Greenway.

They will finish the trail

The State | 08/25/2005 | Pact between USC, Guignards bodes well for Midlands: "629 Huger Street" Why was this important? I know it was 240 square feet. What in the world was USC doing with that land and what did it have to do with education?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Daniel Rickenmann

Daniel Rickenmann is very pro greenway. I think the quote about the change orders a few posts back was put in a bad light. He is talking about park rangers and community patrol groups which I had not heard about. He says there is funding for the connection between Granby and Riverfront. He is more concerned with providing a way out of some liability around the electric plant at this point. I really wonder about that myself. I will have to go look see what the deal is.

He said that the article in the State really pushed some people on the issue of making the Columbia side work better. Over all it was a positive conversation. Thanks Daniel..

Talked to Mike Dawson

Mr. Dawson is really a nice guy. Mike listens and even shares some of the same concerns. I always get a real sense that he values our input. I will be writing and calling Mayor Coble about getting the rest of the trail completed – that will really be the best thing. It will be a whole different place if the connection was made back to Riverfront park.


I was talking with someone last night about the river. She said “I would like it if they could make it a nice place with lots of trails and programs but without the people going through our cars and porches at night and doing lewd things in the bushes.” What is the point of having a park if it is more of a turn off than something exciting and fun. What can we do about this and what should be done? What as a community can we do to make it a better place. I bought my house here knowing they were going to do something. When they did it was a shock, really. What is so interesting is the way that the Granby neighborhood blended or sort of dissolved into the flood plain. The dead end of Gist St. was gradually being covered in runoff sediment it was a great place to find worms for fishing a large brush pile was covered in morning glories it was always cool and shady.

There was a trail that went out to the track that the “homeless” used to get back and forth from their camps by the river to downtown. The streetlight was out so it was dark at night except for the light filtering through the trees from the Rapids apartments. All that changed when they put the trail head in – they fixed the light put in another light thinned out the trees bulldozed out the brushpile and unclogged drainage so the rainwater that runs down the streets of our neighborhood instead of going into the ground now just runs straight into the river. Also they took out at least one large “homeless” campsite disturbing the equilibrium making I would think some people resentful. That is just my thoughts. I always consider the guys down there as neighbors – neighbors who sometimes argue with themselves and get into Tyler Durden style fights on the railroad tracks but still they have a place.

Why is the Peoples republic of Cayce side much nicer and comfortable than the Columbia side? That is because the Columbia side is not finished and it is run by Columbia.

A little opinion

The State | 08/22/2005 | Not just high taxes, but big government:
"South Carolinians need to remember that our personal freedom is tied to our economic freedom. The bigger government becomes, the less freedom we have. "

Monday, August 22, 2005

Rickenmann is cynical about our dear greenway

The State | 08/18/2005 | Collegiate baseball coming to city stadium: "City Council member Daniel Rickenmann termed the annual cost to taxpayers as “less than one ‘change order’ to the Three Rivers Greenway.”"

this is funny really. The story is about some deal between the city and the former manager of the bombers to have some kind of baseball being played - evidently The State has a problem with the homeless:

"The State reported the stadium had become a haven for vandals and vagrants. The homeless were sleeping beneath the grandstands and bathing under a spigot in the outfield."

Thanks guys for bringing that to the cities attention.

Cruise anyone?

Anderson DENVER BOAT LANDING Cruising Area
Charleston WHITE POINT GARDEN Cruising Area
Charleston Area HIGHWAY I-95 SOUTH BOUND Cruising Area
Chessnee HIGHWAY I-85 REST AREA Cruising Area
Clemson TWELVE MILE PARK Cruising Area
Clemson University DANIEL HALL Cruising Area
Columbia GRANBY PARK Cruising Area
Florence HIGHWAY I-95 REST AREA Cruising Area
Folly Beach FOLLY BEACH Cruising Area

This I picked up from a google search: gay "granby park" Granby park is the part of the greenway that is near where I live. The reason I mention this is because I was at a cookout this weekend eating hamburgers(mad cow) and hotdogs(nitrites) and banana pudding (gelatin – mad cow) that was so very good. Anyway I have a friend who works in the city of Columbia parks department – I asked her about what the cities plans for the park were and she rolled her eyes at me – and told me about the complaints of people walking who come up on – no pun intended men engaged in some sort of gay thing. Any way the conversation degenerated and I never did get anything worthwhile besides the fact that no matter what they do they cannot seem to get it off this list…

Talked to Cantey Heath of the University of South Carolina

He seemed nice - obviously one of the many directors of something who make lots of money (111,469 a year) he said that there would be no giving out of money or food at the Kroc center - which in my doom and gloom obsessed mind I heard "crack center". He also said there may be some kind of medical something but no methadone clinic (Arthroscopic surgery? who knows). Lots of music classes art swimming and stuff. Check out the list a couple of posts back.

And it sounds so nice like it would be a good thing to have near the river I can almost imagine how nice it would be - maybe they would spray for mosquitoes.

Also it is not a done deal. He said also that the University was on its way down here-there would be no stopping the large Institution so that means Even more Directors of something or other who make lots of money.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

The University of South Carolina needs more buildings. Better Buildings. Bigger is better and more...

The State | 08/20/2005 | Plan for Guignard land will include greenway, involve university: "USC is developing a master plan for its $142 million research campus that Sorensen said eventually will reach from the area bounded by Gervais and Blossom streets, to the river."

The State | 08/20/2005 | Saluda’s rapids to host race

The State | 08/20/2005 | Saluda’s rapids to host race

The pressure is on

Questions for USC an

Questions for USC and the Salvation Army

What assurances can they give that a homeless shelter would not be built by the river. What assurances would there be that no money or food would be given out down by the river encouraging even more homeless campsites?

What I am afraid of is Crack Camps - I imagine groups of insane people crawling out from the river like dawn of the dead looking for twenty dollars.

I am all for providing help for the helpless - just not so close to what is, really, a jungle that is directly connected to my home by a nice path.   The river is not just water - the flood zone is a wild place - If you have ever been down there it is amazing - a lawless place - cops do not go down there because it is too far from their cars.  The horses can only go so far as well they will not cross the culverts or go up the little trails that lead to the campsites.  

The expanding University of South Carolina Columbia, SC: Coble calls riverfront property agreement 'great breakthrough' This is sort of interesting. A homeless shelter down by the river....

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

City wants to divert terrorists from plant

The State | 08/06/2005 | City wants to divert visitors from plant Someone's child could fall into the machinery and 3500 homes would be without electricty

Monday, August 15, 2005

The list if nice people and there programs

The State | 08/15/2005 | UNDER ONE ROOF Am I the only one in Olympia that does not want to live in the middle of the University of South Carolina? The river on the Columbia side where they want to build is nasty it has soap bubbles in it. The other side the Cayce/West Columbia side would be much better. Please....

This is the promise

The State | 08/15/2005 | POOLS AND RIVER ACCESS It will be built on the fat rolls and low pay checks of McDonnalds customers and employees

Two pools as well as kayaking and canoeing on the Congaree River would be the star attractions at the proposed Kroc Center on the Three Rivers Greenway. Features would include:

Recreation fields

A two-court gym

A running track

A climbing wall

A natatorium with a 50-meter, eight-lane pool and a 25-yard, six-lane pool

A river center for paddlers

A 600-seat performing arts theater and worship center

A child development center with six classrooms

A 300-seat dining hall/wellness center/multipurpose room

An education center with six classrooms

An administrative area

Sneaky bastards

The State | 08/15/2005 | Funds would go to center They are trying to plunk a homeless shleter down by the river. Well the river is already a homeless shelter. I defininatly do not trust anyone with the USC either - remember Lou Holtz?

“It’s good for the community, good for the university and good for the people of the Midlands,” said Cantey Heath, USC’s executive director of advancement administration.